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My name is George Bigo. I ran a full construction company doing everything from small remodels to full reconstruction of multi-story commercial buildings. It was interesting and rewarding. We built a lot of nice projects for our customers.

I've found that I prefer working closely with my customers so I have scaled my business in order to have a personal connection with the work and my customers. I perform most of the work myself, sometimes bringing in a trusted helper or subcontractor to keep the work efficient and meet deadlines. I like to pay attention to the details that make my work special. It takes more care and time on my part but I feel that my customers benefit from the care that I take. When I start a project, any project, I first evaluate the surroundings and place protection where needed to preserve areas adjacent to my workspace. I work to minimize collateral damage when doing deconstruction and preparing areas for new walls, cabinets, tile, flooring, appliances or equipment.

I can remodel homes, offices or any other type of building but I specialize in condominiums. I work with the concierge and building staff, park where arranged, move materials and debris with respect for the building and perform my work in a way that minimizes impact on neighboring residents. I perform any type of work. Sometimes, it is as simple as changing a light bulb. At other times, I will totally gut a unit and rebuild it in a different configuration. Drywall, painting, tile work, electrical, plumbing, stereo and TV installations, kitchen and bathroom redesign or refreshing are all within my scope of work. I work with quality AC technicians and other specialists as needed to create wonderful spaces

Thank you, Austin!

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